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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Kefir Science Fair Exhibit

My 8 year old has Celiac. She has had severe bowel issues despite removing the gluten from her diet (Ahem... she is 8 and sneaks food... Mommy isn't dumb). 

Once we began introducing daily kefir (in the form of a smoothie), she has improved dramatically.  This seems pretty simple to us:

Bowel issues from Celiac damage + daily, nourishing, whole milk kefir full of happy bacteria = healthy, habit bowels.

We've decided she will learn all about kefir and its wonders.  Then she will make a fabulous display and will serve kefir in a variety of forms (samples of smoothies, herb "sour" cream dip, fruit "cream cheese" spread). 

I can't wait to see the finished project.  The science fair exhibit is on May 14th, so look for a post shortly after!

1 comment:

  1. You mighht also check Xocai Healthy Chocolate out. I have gotten tremendous health benefits from adding a few of their power squares to my diet. My daughter had about 10 days worth of severe abdominal pain that led us to the doctor's office twice and the emergency room once. Nobody ever found anything wrong, but something WAS wrong, obviously. I got some Lifeway Kefir and some Xobiotic healthy chocolate plus probiotic and she got better that same day. The chocolate and probiotic together work well. After that, I started experimenting with both water and milk kefir. She loved kefir "cheese" spread on triscuits. I want to work on some science experiments with her, since we are a homeschooling. It really is a fascinating thing, isn't it?